5 ways of creating and planning blog content!

When building a platform, creating content will be one of the most difficult things you will have to do.


It can be daunting to be responsible for creating something, anything, on a consistent timetable that is both, valuable and keeps your readers engaged.

As I continue to write for this blog and other places online I have come up with 5 different ways of creating and planning content for both areas. I share them here with you in hopes that they help you. Please forgive me, but the tips kind of bounce around a little bit, but I think they will help!

1. Write for your reader, not you.

Your writing needs to provide value to your readers. It’s hard to provide value when all you do is talk about yourself. That might sound simple, but it’s hard not to talk about yourself when your blog is named after yourself as this one is!

I get that many people will actually want to hear about what you’re doing that works, but I find that many of the people reading those posts are ultimately searching for that whole ” what’s in it for me” thing. So even though they may find some sort of value reading about your experience, I would suggest tearing out the valuable lesson you learned and then repackage that lesson for your readers with the reader situated as the star of the story.

2. Headline homework.

Headlines make a difference. I do not have the statistics ( there are some here and here), but it is reported that the average attention span is about only 8 seconds.

8 seconds.

It looks like that is just enough time to scan a headline and make a decision on whether or not the article is worth the time to read. With this post, I went with a List Headline. My thought was within those 8 seconds you would be able to determine if this post was for you. If you’re still here reading this, my thought might have been correct!

Take time to come up with your headline. If you need some help, you can take a look at SumoMe.com and see 49 headline formulas if you’re interested!

3. Niche your topics.

With niche your topics I am talking about narrowing your choice of topics per category. I challenge you to look at the category’s you wish to speak about and then take a scalpel to that list and cut away anything that doesn’t offer value to your reader.

Take a look at your group of topics. Do you have too many topics your trying to cover? Would your reader be better served if you were to niche down and give more detail about fewer topics.

Keep it simple and clear for your readers by focusing on the topics that will deliver the most value.

4. Get a calendar.

This is where you’re taking your great content for your readers with its awesome headlines and niched down focus and are actually planning on both writing and then publishing it!

Getting and using a calendar will help you make it happen. This can be either a good ole’ fashion paper calendar or you can use a digital one. The point is to make you more aware that you need to create content and then get it published to your readers.

Once you have a calendar, you can move one to the next and final tip which is….

5. Stay consistent.

Now we get to take the calendar and begin placing all of our content ideas on the calendar to be written and then published!

Michael Hyatt even suggests setting the content expectations right on your about page to let people know what to expect with your blog. He states that this not only sets the expectations for your readers but also helps build trust when you fulfill the content expectations consistently.

That can only be a good thing, right?


Those are my 5 ways of dealing with content. I know that there are many different ways to handle this topic and would love to hear how you deal with both writing and planning content. Just let us all know how you do it in the comments below!

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Paul Galbreath

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