Getting Stuff Done

Getting Stuff Done Have you ever been in a situation where you have a list of things in your head you need to accomplish? Then a week goes by, and you realize you haven’t done anything with that list? Yeah, that has happened to me over the past three months. That’s right, a quarter of […]

Quotes July 17-23rd.

Quotes July 17-23rd. Here’s to another week over and another beginning. If you missed these quotes on my social media channels I now post them here for you to enjoy. If you did miss them that means you’re not connecting with us on social media! You should probably fix that! I am mainly on Facebook […]

Quotes: July 10th -16th

Quotes: July 10th -16th Quotes, who doesn’t love them? I figured that since I am posting different quotes throughout the week on social media , I would include them here as well. After today’s first quotes post I have decided that I will post a weekly article recapping the previous weeks quote images each Sunday. […]

5 ways of creating and planning blog content!

When building a platform, creating content will be one of the most difficult things you will have to do. Repeatedly. It can be daunting to be responsible for creating something, anything, on a consistent timetable that is both, valuable and keeps your readers engaged. As I continue to write for this blog and other places […]