Creating the Content.

Creating the Content

When trying to live a digital lifestyle, you will invariably use different digital tools to get your work done. Kinda’ obvious right? What’s not obvious is which tools you will be using. In this post, I wanted to touch on a few of these tools that I use to get things planned, written, created, and shared.


As I spoke about briefly in my last post, I am using Asana to plan my workload. What I do is think of the tasks I need to complete and then schedule them into Asana. When I schedule tasks, I usually break the task down into subtopics. For this post I planned:

  • One primary task titled: Write and post about tools used to create content. I then placed a description of what my idea of the post would be and an overall due date of when I wanted the article posted.
  • Within this task, I then created three sub-tasks to walk me through the whole project. The first sub-task was to begin writing the article. The second is getting the feature image created. The third is getting everything wrapped up and scheduled for sharing.
  • By the time I complete all three sub-tasks the primary task will be finalized and then checked off as being done. Doing the scheduling of tasks this way gives me time to get the work completed instead of waiting until the last day of when the article is due and then rushing to get it done.

how I set up this post creation in Asana


There are a few tools I use to get any writing done. I use Google Docs to write my articles wherever I am with whichever mobile device that is in my hands. Once I am finished with the rough draft I then transfer all of the word goodness to Grammarly. Grammarly is editing software, and I use it to try to clean up tons of glaring grammar mistakes. Grammarly is pretty pricey as far as I am concerned, but I haven’t found anything as easy to use at a better price yet, so Grammarly it is. I think it does a good job of checking things like spelling, punctuation, sentence structure etc. It’s not perfect, but really what is?


the post as it gets graded from Grammarly


When I am talking about creating, I am talking about images, podcasts, and videos. For image creation, there are two main tools I use. Canva is where I source many of my pictures. You can read about what I have to say about Canva here. Another tool I use for images is Photoshop Elements. This software is a stripped down version of Photoshop CC. It has just enough features for what I need without being overwhelmed with everything in Photoshop CC. It is also a heck of a lot cheaper!


getting the image created in PSE


With podcasts and videos, I am just getting started. I will have to write more about the programs I am using in more detail as I use them more. For podcasts, I have been playing around with recording in Garageband on my iPad Mini. I have my mic plugged into my mixer, which connects to the iPad Mini. For videos, I have used a mixture of many things. I have used Camtasia in the past to do video edits after filming with different cameras. Like the podcasts, I will have to write a more detailed post about the video creation process.

newest set-up for future podcast recording

newest set-up for future podcast recording


I am currently using Hootsuite to schedule social media content. It seems to be working well so far, but there are a few things I have noticed I could do to improve how the content is shared. I recently saw that LinkedIn posts didn’t show the image, but rather it only shared a link to the image. Hootsuite has tons of options that I am not using to my advantage. One of those is when scheduling content to share. Hootsuite has a tool that helps schedule when more people will see the content instead of the time I randomly choose. I will be trying more of what they suggest in the following weeks.


last set of scheduled content in Hootsuite

I will go in more detail on these tools in future posts. If you’re using these tools or others to get work done let me know.

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