Digital Media = New Opportunity!

The reason I began to dust off and revamp the site is because I have recently noticed the digital media opportunities that are out there that don’t seem to be going away anytime soon.

Let me explain.

When I began my business, Covale Media LLC., in 2010 there were many pieces of new digital media to use. At the time, many of these types of media were either in their infancy or were trying to change their core business whenever the wind blew in a different direction. That left many of us using online and digital methods for our company unsure of which platforms to use. If we did decide on a digital media technology to use we often used the platform as a way to distribute information. We then hoped people seeing this info would come back to our platforms.

So what’s different now?

In 2016, I feel that the digital media is a little different. The platforms are still able to distribute information, but I believe that they offer more. I still think you need a home-base online. Something online you own and can control. But, I also think to be successful you and your business need to go where your customers are and interact with them on their turf. I have seen a couple of recent things on different digital media platforms that made this sink in.

Kickstarter, YouTube, and Facebook.

About a month or two ago I was relaxing at home and decide to check out the documentary section on Netflix. As I’m scrolling through the various selections, a documentary titled Capital C! catches my attention. Netflix describes Capital C! as:


“Three independent creators use the hottest new tool for raising money, crowdfunding, to try to make their dreams come true in the digital age.”


Just as the description above states the documentary tells the story of three very different creators using the crowdfunding site Kickstarter. They hoped to use Kickstarter as a means to monetizing their passions into viable businesses. Each business idea is distinct from the others, but they were all able to use this new type of media to reach out to others interested in what they were doing and monetize it. Not only were they able to use Kickstarter once, but two out of the three ( Freaker USA & Jackson Robinson ) have used the service to fund more than one project.

Last week, while driving, I hear about an online star/personality that goes by the name PewDiePie on YouTube. He is now going to partner with Disney’s Maker Studios to create a new entertainment network. The guy started out on YouTube playing video games and then found a way to monetize it.

Even my mom is using social media, primarily Facebook, to connect with people who like the type of craft projects she works on at home. She connects with her fans, they share ideas, give each tips and tricks, and then she monetizes that information when she sells her crafts at local craft shows!

You collect Smurfs? Smurf it up.

Seeing these things got me thinking about something I had heard years ago. It came from a 2008 talk at Web 2.0 Expo NY by Gary Vaynerchukon building a personal brand within the social media landscape. At the beginning of his talk, Gary goes on to explain how people should ask themselves

 “What do I want to do every day for the rest of my life?”

Then as an example, he explains that if you love the Smurfs, then you should Smurf it up and find a way to monetize it. He is saying its possible to find these opportunities, and he did it in 2008. The opportunity is even more so in 2016 where the digital media landscape is maturing, and more people take the space seriously. As Freaker USA, Jackson Robinson, and PewDiePie have shown the current digital media is giving us plenty of opportunities to make things happen. With that being said:

What do you want to do every day for the rest of your life?


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Paul Galbreath

I am a digital lifestyle coach. I share my experiences with personal development, entrepreneurship, and creating a digital lifestyle to help professionals create and improve their online platforms so they can share what matters most while living the life they wish to live.