From corn to palm trees.

Just wanted to drop a quick post to show that the blog is humming along, and I continue to move closer to my ultimate goal of living a truly digital lifestyle.

There are a few big things lined up this month to get me a little closer to my goal.

The first is my move from Indiana to Florida. Now this move isn’t entirely based on my wanting to begin a new career, but rather, it is something that both my wife and I wanted to do for personal reasons.

This move does, however, allow for a sort of reset in my career future. I will need to work outside of my home, which does not lead to the lifestyle I wish to have. But, I do have a little more freedom to start fresh somewhere and work for plain, simple money as opposed to worrying about career growth in my position. Career growth worries will be solely focused on and build my digital lifestyle.

With growth in mind, I have a meeting set up to go over basic plans and strategies for meeting my future goals. Should be an interesting meeting that I will be sure to share some details in a future post.

There have been some changes to the site too. Even though I am not happy with the current picture I have added my face to the home page. I hope this helps put a face to the site instead of just looking like another blog.

I have also added my three core subjects front and center with new slide shows that show posts by category. My hope is that these slide shows make clear what I am talking about here.

My “What I’m Reading” button has changed to a “What I’m Listening to” button. This change came about simply because I have been listening to books rather than reading them as I worked on getting ready for our big move to Florida.

Since I have been using personally, I decided to help promote the product via an affiliate link. I think it’s a great product and see no reason why I shouldn’t promote products with which I have experience. I will continue to pursue affiliate relationships with those products I use and enjoy. Of course, I will always make clear that these recommendations are affiliate links when discussing them.

Those are some of the things I have been working on. Is there something you have been doing? Share it in the comments below!

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Paul Galbreath

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