Hello Treats For Teacher and other updates.

Yeah, yeah I know it’s been awhile. I swear I have been working on some good stuff over the past couple of months. Now that I have launched my newest business I thought I would come here and detail the process in a few posts and let everyone in on what I’ve been doing. By the post title you can pretty much guess what the new biz is!

Say hello to TreatsForTeacher.com !

TreatsForTeacher.com is a  monthly subscription service for teachers! This means that every month we fill a box full of products curated by us and ship them to our customers. As you would probably guess there was quite a bit of behind the scenes work on getting this kind of business up and running. We had to come up with the concept of the business and then see if we could actually make it happen. This meant we had to figure out where we were going to get products, what type of e-commerce solution we would need that could handle a subscription based product, just how we were going to afford shipping to everyone, and getting everything packed in time to ship. Lots of good stuff. Of course over the next week or so I will post more articles detailing those issues we had to overcome more in-depth. That’s not the only update however.

More Mobile.

I know that the site is already mobile optimized by the theme I use, but I haven’t really taken advantage of that fact to it’s fullest. One example is the blogs images are geared more toward a desktop version rather than mobile. Most images are in landscape form, when really they should be more mobile friendly. Think about your mobile apps like Instagram and Facebook. The images are more square in nature. So, that means most images on the site will be getting converted to a 1200 x 1200 size, which will then adjust to fit depending on the device being used. I really should have begun this way when I redesigned the site a few years ago, but hey, better late than never I guess.

Different Services offered.

Many of the services I have previously offered have been closed. Mainly due to Treats For Teacher, but there were other issues too. New services will be released toward the end of the year. I will continue to focus on writing for others and building Treats For Teacher. The new services will ultimately revolve around those two projects and be super focused and limited.

Back to weekly posts!

Now that I have some free time I will once again be posting here every week. The first few posts will be about all the details I promised above. I also have a few more toys to help with my businesses so I will be sharing how those are working out too.


Until then, keep trying to make that money!




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