Moving Forward: Creating your Plan.

Let’s discuss a few things we need to do to get our dreams of having a lifestyle business moving forward. We need to know what we are going to do move forward. Some might even call it a plan!

Let’s not scare anyone with the P word. The plan does not need to be a great document with eighty pages. We simply need to know how we are going to take steps to move from point A to point B.

Reverse engineer your outcome.

What I want you to do is picture what you want to achieve. Now, how do you think you get there? Are there things you had to do? Below is a quick look at what I came up for my biz.



That image shows a very broad view of the goals. Each topic in that list is a goal that has other individual things I need to do to make that objective reality. All I do is pick the topic, and then decide how to make it happen. For example, in Build Platform I have smaller goals listed like:

  • Domain name, hosting, and WordPress installed.
  • WordPress Plugins to use.
  • Blog design.
  • Decide which pages to add.
  • Content created for pages.
    etc,etc, etc…

I then reverse engineer each topic on the list to create more things I need to do to keep moving forward. As I finish a topic, I proceed to the next one with its list of actions to complete.

Try it out for yourself.

If you don’t have a plan, I hope this bigger view of planning can help you out. The point is to keep putting in the work by completing the real goals to move your business forward. Don’t be distracted by other things. Keep moving forward!

If you have a plan, how do you make sure you complete things to keep going? Let me know in the comments below!

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Paul Galbreath

I am a digital lifestyle coach. I share my experiences with personal development, entrepreneurship, and creating a digital lifestyle to help professionals create and improve their online platforms so they can share what matters most while living the life they wish to live.