Stop! Don’t make these 3 marketing mistakes!

I get it.

You’re getting your biz going and you’re excited. Maybe you have had your biz for a while, and the sales just aren’t there.

But stop.

What am I talking about? I’m talking about the marketing mistakes you might be thinking about making. I might be nice calling them mistakes because chances are you’re deciding to commit these marketing sins. I’m here to stop you from these 3 horrible marketing ideas. I swear they are not worth the trouble. Check them out.

The first is the…..

“I will sign you up to my list, group, fan club all by myself without your consent!”

Ever check your email and find out that you have been signed up for 3 new email newsletters. Maybe you have logged into Facebook to see that you have been added to multiple new groups trying to sell you the hottest makeup.

But you didn’t opt in to these lists. You didn’t join those groups either. Yet,here you are.

Well, don’t turn around and do the same to others. If people are not joining your lists, groups, or whatever there is a reason. Chances are you are not giving them anything of value in exchange for joining. You will not win fans, much less customers, by using this method. Instead, focus on your target market and create something of value that your market would love to get in exchange for giving up their info. Don’t sign people up to anything without their consent.

┬áThis is will probably stir some debate but here goes. I call it the…

“Hey…. Hey….. Hey… look here!”

Stop interrupting people by having them see something else they didn’t choose to see.

If a person is coming to your website/blog/whatever online chances are they are coming for a reason. Maybe they read something of yours on another site. Maybe they just heard you guest on a podcast. Maybe your mom told them to visit your blog!

This person has decided to visit your site finally and what’s the first thing many of us do? We have a big pop up cover the site and make this visitor either read and complete the call to action or get them to search for that little x to close the pop-up. Either way, we have just interrupted their experience with us. One that may have been the first and only experience.

I know why this is done. There is plenty of data out there that show pop-ups work. But, does that mean we should use them?

I don’t think I know anyone that likes to be interrupted when trying to complete an action. Why would you do this to people who you are attempting to build a relationship?

This should be a no brainer, but I refer to it as the…

“Liar Liar”

Simply put — do not lie in your marketing or advertising. Do not use other people’s images without their consent. Do not make outlandish claims that are not verifiable. Do not make promises that people will become millionaires if they use your product or service. Do not say it is free when it is not. You get the idea.

It’s tough out there!

I know that marketing your biz can be tough. But, please do not stoop to using these 3 things. Your future customers will thank you with their business.

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Paul Galbreath

I am a digital lifestyle coach. I share my experiences with personal development, entrepreneurship, and creating a digital lifestyle to help professionals create and improve their online platforms so they can share what matters most while living the life they wish to live.