What’s your lifestyle business?

Take a few minutes. Imagine you’re relaxing on the beach. Or maybe it’s your favorite room in your home. Even your favorite chair will do. Now ask yourself

What kind of lifestyle business do I want to start?

If you’re anything like I am you might be having a problem figuring out what you want to do! Even though I have had a business for over 5 years, I have still struggled with what the primary product or service will be! If I would have asked myself a few questions, I would have saved valuable time and may have gone down a different path.

What are those questions I should have asked myself? They’re listed below if you’re interested.

What do you want to do for the rest of your life?

That is a question that Gary Vaynerchuk asked in the video I talked about in my post titled Digital Media = New Opportunity!

That was also the question I asked myself as I began to change my company focus and move toward a more personal lifestyle business. Now, I’m not saying that this direction of activity will be the last thing I do, but I must confess over the years I have been moving more toward a lifestyle business more of by chance than design. The original iteration of my company was one that needed to have a larger portion of my time which didn’t allow me to live the way I wish to. My business was based more on the people and clients I was serving. I had created a company that made me focus on being a salesperson to people who may or may not be interested in what I was selling.

That company was not what I wanted to do now much less for the rest of my life. Now my focus will be working with people who are already sold on the idea of a lifestyle business and want the help and advice I can offer to achieve that goal. Big difference.

What is working in your current endeavors that you would like to maintain or expand on?

Many, if not all, of you, are doing some other type of work. I know that the work you’re doing now might not be what you want to be doing but there has to be something about what you’re doing that you enjoy.

I found as I went from a salesperson, a creator of kindergarten worksheets, and even an app developer I enjoyed teaching people about each process. Even while working in retail management the training of others is a highlight.

So, what makes your current situation enjoyable? Is there a part that you enjoy and would love to rip out of the rest of the junk and only focus on that? Find that and you could be on your way.

What do people always ask you about for help or advice?

Are there certain topics that always seem to bring people your way for help or advice? Maybe you’re the best person they know at making healthy meal plans. Maybe you’re the person they trust the most to give them actionable tips on how to be promoted in their current career. When people need help with computers and mobile devices do they always seem to come to you first?

If so, you might have just found an actionable idea to turn into a lifestyle business. Unless you hate giving help or advice on the topics, people always ask you about!

Is there something you see yourself doing if money was not an issue?

Give yourself a second to dream for a moment. If money were no object what would you be doing? Would you be helping those less fortunate? Are you helping people learn how to code? Are you outdoors enjoying the wilderness? Take what you want to do and then think about how to monetize that.

What now?

After thinking about all of these questions, I could see myself teaching other people how to meet their goals when it comes to creating their very own lifestyle business.

Once I determined what I wanted to do for a living came the hard part. To make my lifestyle business a real business I had to take that last question and change it from:

If money wasn’t an issue what would I be doing?


How can I monetize what I want to do?

Which leads me to….

In the next post, I will take you from all of this feel good dreaming to the actual business part of making it work for you. A lifestyle business at the end of the day is still a business. What has changed is today we have new tools and technology to help us meet the needs of the business all while not trading hours for dollars. Until the next post…

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Paul Galbreath

I am a digital lifestyle coach. I share my experiences with personal development, entrepreneurship, and creating a digital lifestyle to help professionals create and improve their online platforms so they can share what matters most while living the life they wish to live.