Who’s Paul Galbreath

I am a former retail manager for some of the biggest retailers in the world. I have been in some form of retail management for most of my career.

But Then….

In 2010, I created my own company to both learn and teach others on how to use the new and emerging digital tools to build websites and market more cheaply when compared to the old standbys of print, billboards, radio, and television. I soon found myself working more on growing the client base as opposed to helping people use these new tools to their benefit. I decided to do something drastic and head back to working in retail until I could pinpoint clearly my own business goals.

Toward the end of 2015, I finally had a clear direction and plan of what I wanted to achieve with my business. In January of 2016, PaulGalbreath.com was dusted off, redesigned, and ready to help me fulfill my goals.

What Goals?

My new goals all revolve around taking advantage of all the online space has to offer in terms of tools and audience to build a business I can run from anywhere. That is where you find me now. I am sharing the things I find that inspire, help me build & run a business, and keep me up to date with digital technologies I can use from anywhere.

Stick Around.

I invite you to stick around and learn from someone who is actually putting in work to build a true online business, and not someone who just speaks of theories and regurgitates what they hear works online.