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As a business owner, I too have a hard time keeping up with the daily demands of creating new content to keep my visitors engaged and returning.

But, if you're here on this page you're in luck. I can help you provide written content to your readers with my writing services! You're excited, right?

Excited might not be the word you're thinking. But just imagine, if you didn't have to write all the content for your website, magazine, newsletter, brochure, etc. what more could you achieve? Can you see the possibilities? I think you can.


Wait. You want some examples?

Okay, I have a few examples of some written content.

For this client there was a particular format that I needed to use when writing the articles.

  • Articles had to be around the 800 word mark.
  • Multiple headlines needed for each article.
  • Other content such as images were needed.
  • Certain keywords were needed in the articles.
  • Review criteria needed to be created for review.
  • A review at the end of each article needed to be completed.

Four different articles were written:

  • Best Business Website:
  • Best Entrepreneur Website:
  • Best Movie Review Website: Rotten Tomatoes
  • Best Online Word Processor: Google Docs

I wrote 5 Tips To Help Make The Move From Wantrepreneur to Entrepreneur for Addicted2Success in late March of 2016.  The style of the article needed to be focused on the reader and not the writer. Also the article needed to be focused and not too general. I worked with the sites editors to ensure the article met their guidelines. Quotes and hyperlinks were added by The article was published on their website April 1st 2016. As a bonus I also responded to comments that were left on the article.

The Good Men Project.

For The Good Men Project I wrote a more personal article discussing society's view on what a man should endure to provide for his family. In my article, Why a Man Should Pursue a Career That Will Make Himself Happy,  I discuss how my new career in a non traditional field impacts my self-worth and how I am perceived by others. For this article I was able to work with a great editor to ensure the article as right for the publication.



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